Peter Reavy

Brian Aldiss was on Desert Island Discs

Posted in films, music, radio, writing by Peter Reavy on February 2, 2007

I managed to catch most of the science fiction writer Brian Aldiss’s appearance this morning on the revitalised Desert Island Discs. I am not familiar with his work. (I think I read one of his novels years ago, but all that sticks in my mind was that in this particular future, men had full conscious control of their erectile tissues. This novel was written before the discovery of Viagra.)

Anyway, he chose a couple of good records.

  • a tune sung by Walter Brennan, considered one of the great character actors, and known to me for his part in Howard Hawks films and skill in manipulating his false teeth. I didn’t realise Walter Brennan ever sang on record.
  • Borodin’s In The Steppes Of Central Asia. I was listening to the same excellent recording myself last week (Gergiev on Philips).

No Listen Again for this programme, but at least they archive the choices.

He also gave a writing tip given to him from Agatha Christie. Write your crime novel without knowing the name of the murderer yourself. Before writing the final chapter, decide which character is the least likely to have dunnit. Just go back through the book and make any necessary small changes to train timetables, etc, before you finally reveal them at the end.


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