Peter Reavy

Film round-up

Posted in films by Peter Reavy on April 30, 2007

Quick thoughts on some films I’ve seen in the last couple of months.

Inland Empire

For me, David Lynch’s two truly great films are Blue Velvet and Mulholland Dr. In his latest, he breaks new ground, although at times it seems almost a pastiche of an experimental film. Only time will make more sense of this effort. I wouldn’t have missed it, though. It’s quite an experience.

A Cock & Bull Story

This noble attempt doesn’t quite come off, I don’t think. It’s really well-made, but just doesn’t have the depth of the book. It has the spirit of the book, but not the same sense of humour. In truth I only made it halfway though Tristram Shandy, but I still got more from it than I did from this film.

Art School Confidential

I loved the look of this film and it opens very well. It becomes extremely clever towards the end and unfortunately a bit over-ambitious. It almost made me think it was a thought-provoking film, but there is something not quite convincing about the plot. I’ll watch this again at some stage, because I like the setting.

King of Marvin Gardens

Perhaps the most thoughtful character I’ve seen Jack Nicholson portray. After watching Inland Empire, I was really keen to see Laura Dern’s father, Bruce, in this. I can’t quite rave about The King of Marvin Gardens but at the same time it deserves its reputation as a key film of its period, even if just to soak up the Atlantic City atmosphere.

In Her Shoes

Curtis Hanson directs. Great cinematography by Terry Stacey, who I assumed must also have shot Wonder Boys (one of my favourites), but apparently not, though I see he did do the honours for the entertaining American Splendor. A well-paced 2 hours, which doesn’t drag, and is only a teeny bit sentimental.


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