Peter Reavy

Strong plots

Posted in books, music by Peter Reavy on May 2, 2007

I have a CD of Rigoletto which I was listening to yesterday. I have never seen the opera, so I read the synopsis on Wikipedia. Even as a synopsis, the power of the story came across. Unrelatedly, at lunchtime, I finally finished a novella by Chekhov, called An Anonymous Story, which touched a chord with me.

Both of these pieces of work have strong plots. I didn’t have to ponder either of them to reach this conclusion. In both cases it was just an obvious fact. It was so blindingly obvious in both cases, I realised that most other fiction must be weakly plotted. Most fiction of any kind, including even quite good fiction, gets along on plots which in comparison are low on drama and scarcely believable, but for some reason, no-one notices and it doesn’t matter.

(The Chekhov story was in this book).


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