Peter Reavy

Wandering minds

Posted in music by Peter Reavy on May 3, 2007

John Malkovich:

I was doing a play in Chicago a few years ago and a friend said, “I’m sorry I haven’t seen the play, I just can’t go to the theater because I find my mind wanders.” And I said, “What does that have to do with it? My mind wanders the whole time.” And not just when I’m sitting there. When I’m acting, my mind wanders.

I don’t go to see plays, but when I go to a concert, my mind wanders.

If it’s music I don’t know, I can’t tell why my mind wandered. It could be:

  • my lack of attention or understanding
  • a weak performance
  • uninvolving music

I hate not being able to tell. I suppose a professional critic would have to bluff it.

In the Malkovich interview above, he goes on to say that if his acting makes your mind wander, then that’s OK.

That’s what theater’s for. To reflect. To contemplate.

But most mind wandering is nothing of the sort.


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