Peter Reavy


Posted in uk-politics by Peter Reavy on May 10, 2007

Andrew Roberts:

Then came 9/11. Suddenly, everything changed.

No fewer than 67 Britons died on that day, and Blair showed a side of his personality that had been impossible to discern before: Churchillian leadership.

I don’t feel like adding to the unending post-Blair analysis, but I clearly remember not just the confidence but also the speed with which Blair backed the United States on that day of chaos.

It’s unfashionable to praise Tony Blair these days, but I was glad to read what Andrew Roberts had written, since it reflects my own strongest memory from his ten years in power. I don’t think he proved himself a Churchill simply because he was never put to as harsh a test. But he did display true leadership then and in the War on Terror years which followed.

Good on him.


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