Peter Reavy

This Is England

Posted in films by Peter Reavy on May 25, 2007

I went to see my first Shane Meadows film, This Is England. After ten or fifteen minutes, I was starting to write the film off, since it seemed rough and ready in terms of editing or the way the scenes were staged. But despite this amateurishness, the story grabbed me.

You would think that this film would stand or fall on its realism, but it doesn’t. In some ways it is a mis-remembered 80s. It remembers every single teenager as dressing in perfect 80s fashion, whether New Romantic or Mod. It also hits the wrong note in places. It can seem far too 2007. But it captures how it felt to be a teenaged boy in the 80s.

This is England is a strange, awkward and nostalgic film, but it expresses the distance between then and now, and is worth seeing.


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