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Posted in books by Peter Reavy on September 11, 2007

Tyler Cowan posted a link to these photos of libraries. It seems to be down at the time of posting. I can’t remember where I found this link to photos of people’s books. I like nearly any photos of the inside of other people’s houses.

You can keep a list of your books at Google Book Search now. I look forward to seeing how they can hook that up to other content. I would like to see online communities for books growing up around something like this. The conversation around each one would come from personal blogs.

I’ve never felt comfortable just starting a blog post on whatever book I happen to be reading. It seems too much like talking into the void. I would like to be able to attach my thoughts to something so that other people with an interest in that book could easily find it.

I don’t like adding reviews to Amazon because I want to have ownership of what I’ve written. I like Amazon a lot; I just don’t feel that I owe them free content.

Possibly I could just write a blog post and put the ISBN and ASIN at the end? Then in the future, an all-powerful book review search engine would collect up all the blogged thoughts on all books.


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