Peter Reavy

When the cabbage is served

Posted in music, radio by Peter Reavy on July 17, 2009

I heard part of Desert Island Discs with Professor Hugh Pennington. He seems to have great taste in music. I really liked an old Hungarian tune he picked, called When the cabbage is served.

Kirsty Young may have made fun of it, but Ivor Cutler said that this sort of music made him drunk with happiness. It makes me feel the same way.

The CD is available. The name to remember is Zoltán Kallós:

Since the 1960s Zoltan Kallos has been researching and recording the traditional music and folklore of the multi-ethnic villages in Transylvania – a region where Romanian and Hungarian culture is mixed. His work has helped to preserve the musical heritage of these people and with these CD releases we can now have a taste of the best of these musical traditions.

Born in Válaszút (Kolozs country, in Transylvania) in 1926, Zoltán Kallós follows in the tradition of Bartok and Kodaly researching and collecting folk music from within the region known as the Carpathian Basin.


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