Peter Reavy

Notes on watching Star Wars Episode 2 in July 2002

Posted in Uncategorized by Peter Reavy on January 5, 2012

Last night I went to see it in Yorkgate, a mall in North Belfast, with a bingo place and a Poundstretcher on the ground floor. The cinema is on the top floor opposite an amusement arcade. There were about half a dozen people in Screen 13 and sitting in the third row I had got myself in exactly the right frame of mind: I would ignore all characters and spend two hours ogling spaceships.

What can I remember of it? A CGI Christopher Lee flies across the dunes on a jet-bike, cloak flapping. A hugely heavy balloon-shaped starship is shot down by a helmeted clone; he turns to his colleague and nods. A couple of asteroids get blown up by Boba Fett’s dad… bapp! … bapp! … There is a love scene in front of a huge waterfall, that looks like a lit-up picture from a Chinese restaurant, and then a cartoon man is riding a sort of inflatable cow. There is a phantasmagoria inside a robot factory.

It goes on for hours. More icing than ever before and even less cake. No film could be more misguided or amazing.

It was after midnight when, leaving the cinema, I accidentally went out the wrong fire exit and into the cleaning supplies area. Then I went down two escalators past a closed Burger King and out into the car park.