Peter Reavy

How to play a random album in iTunes

Posted in music by Peter Reavy on May 31, 2012

iTunes has a reputation for being bloated, but often turns out to have useful features that other music players don’t have. I was reconverted to iTunes after trying a few of the Linux music players, none of which suited me, since they were pretty hopeless at handling music sorted by composer.

It recently occurred to me that rather than agonise over which album to play, it would be good to select an album at random. I thought I might have to write a little script to pick an album name from the iTunes database or something, but it turns out that iTunes can play a random album already.

First make sure shuffle is switched on. Also make sure it is set to shuffle by album (Controls > Shuffle > Option > Albums). I must admit I had no idea that shuffle by album was there.

Click Play.

To jump to the next random album (PC):
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT skips to next album
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+LEFT to go to previous album.

To jump to the next random album (Mac):
Option+Shift+RIGHT skips to next album
Option+Shift+LEFT to go to previous album.

Good old iTunes.

Information taken from:

Update: if you skip to the next album with a composer selected in the Column Browser then you will get a random album with that composer.